Jerry Seinfeld stopped by Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Monday night, and during the ‘Plead the Fifth’ segment the comedian was peppered with question about his hit show ‘Seinfeld,’ which is still all over TV in reruns 14 years after its last episode aired.

Jerry handled the first question — how long he had been “Master of his Domain” — with discretion and good humor. Then he dished on who had the worst breath on the show. (It was usually the actresses who played his girlfriends, because they wouldn’t eat the day of the shoot in the hopes of appearing thin on camera.)

But perhaps his most interesting answer was when Cohen asked him what his least favorite episode of ‘Seinfeld’ was. See what he says below

“There was one where a guy had a stroke, and we were feeding him on the couch, and it was an older guy,” Seinfeld answered. “I felt very uncomfortable with that episode. It was weird. The guy, he was in a wheelchair — it was uncomfortable.”

The episode in question, called ‘The Alternate Side,’ was from ‘Seinfeld”s third season. In it, Elaine is about to break up with her 66-year old boyfriend but can’t when he suffers a stroke. This leads to the “uncomfortable” scene Jerry described.

What do you think? Do you have a least favorite (or most favorite) ‘Seinfeld’ episode?

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