Not gonna lie, Jersey Mike's subs are some of my favorite sandwiches to get when I am craving a big sandwich.

I was on my Jersey Mike's app and noticed something very interesting when I went to order a sandwich online. Before I selected the Bozeman location I noticed that there was signs of a Jersey Mikes in Belgrade that said "Coming Soon!".

So I did some digging and a new Jersey Mike's is on it's way to Belgrade and will be in the strip that has Town and Country Food's, Movie Lovers and more. Jersey Mike's would be an excellent addition to Belgrade.

Jersey Mike's came to Bozeman a few years ago and has been decently popular with many folks, With their quality subs or Philly cheese steaks, I've never had a bad experience there and during the COVID-19 pandemic they were one of the first places to go straight either carry out or delivery with their restaurant. It's been a huge success. They have been extremely busy and they are crushing it. So it makes sense to open a second location.

Credit: Jersey Mike's via Facebook
Credit: Jersey Mike's via Facebook

Belgrade is a city that is growing at a steady rate just like Bozeman and businesses are taking notice and want to get while the city is booming. This is a smart play by Jersey Mike's and honestly, I know a few folks in Belgrade that will be very excited about this new addition.

If you have never had Jersey Mike's before I highly recommend checking them out. Their Philly Cheese Steaks, whether you want beef or chicken, are fantastic and all of their cold subs are great choices as well.

For more details, check out Jersey Mikes.

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