A little more than a year after winning his battle against Jimmy Page, Robbie Williams has taken a victory lap. At a recent concert, he mocked his neighbor, who unsuccessfully tried to stop Williams from undergoing a massive renovation to his house.

The New Zealand Herald reports that, during Williams’ set at the Apple Music Festival in London on Sunday (Sept. 25), he launched into a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and said, “This one is for my next-door neighbor." But instead of the lyrics, he sang, “I'm gonna dig a big hole … and fill it full of s—.“ He then switched to his own song, “Kids.”

In January 2015, Page took exception to Williams’ attempts to modernize his Woodland House on the grounds that the vibrations from the construction could damage Page’s Tower House, which has a Grade 1 listing that grants it a degree of protection. He wrote a letter to the local council that “the consequences for the building fabric and decorative finishes of the Tower House may well be catastrophic if this project is allowed to proceed.”

A couple of months later, Williams withdrew his plans, leading Page to believe he had won. But it turns out that Williams was simply making a few adjustments to the design, which prompted another round of objections. In July 2015, Williams was granted permission to renovate his house after the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea planning committee consulted with Historic England about whether or not Page’s claims had merit. However, Williams was required to take necessary steps to minimize the vibrations.

Page bought Tower House, which was built in the 1870s by William Bruges. Its previous occupants include poet John Betjeman and actor and “MacArthur Park” singer Richard Harris.

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