Former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is a hero to many rock musicians, but few of Page's axe-slinging fans have gone to the trouble of writing a song named after him.

Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers now belongs in that camp, having debuted a song called 'Jimmy Page' at a solo gig in Sacramento on April 4. A funny, sweet tribute to Page, the song was prefaced by a witty monologue about how, back in the '70s, none of the guys in Zeppelin acted like their golden years would be all that golden.

"Percy was not destined to age well, you know?" Hood said about singer Robert Plant. "But he did! He's with Patty Griffin, he's awesome. He's living in Austin, and I'm sure he has a castle in England ... It turned out OK for him. He still has his self-respect. He'll probably still do the Zeppelin reunion sooner or later and make a billion bucks."

"Jimmy Page turned out all right, that's all I'm gonna say," concluded Hood before launching into the song, which you can watch above. Check out the performance and see if it doesn't make you want to take out your copy of 'Led Zeppelin IV' or dig into one of the Truckers' nine albums.