As everyone is doing this weekend, we are still mourning the loss of quite possibly the funniest woman of all time, the irreverent Joan Rivers. After watching her interview with none other than Husker Du, we were ecstatic to find clips of her hanging with the Beastie Boys. Put her comedic prowess to the side; Rivers kept some pretty great company over the years.

On Jan. 15, 1987 -- a few months before Bob Mould and company would grace the stage -- the Beastie Boys performed on 'The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers.' In addition to their opening rendition of 'Fight For Your Right,' the guys were interviewed by Rivers and then ripped into the second song of the night, 'Time To Get Ill.'

Introducing the band, Rivers remarks that the Beastie Boys "have been referred to as a bunch of loudmouthed brats and kids that stomp around the stage like awkward thugs." Proving that she'll forever be one of the coolest people around, she finishes the description with, "Well to me, I just like to think of them as my guys."

She also mispronounces the title of their album, 'Licensed To Ill,' as 'Licensed To Kill.' She wasn't a big fan of the title and remarked, "If you would've called it 'Licensed To Kill' you would've gone Platinum in four weeks."

Watch both performances and the entire interview with the Beastie Boys in the video above. Rivers passed away on Thursday, Sept. 4 at the age of 81.

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