It’s good to be the Tiger King.

In a sign that the simulation of reality that we all live in is rapidly breaking down, President Donald Trump’s daily briefings about the status of the coronavirus pandemic today turned to the topic that the rest of us are talking about: Netflix’s hit true-crime series Tiger King and its star, convicted criminal Joe Exotic. At today’s briefing, a journalist asked the President if he would consider pardoning Mr. Exotic, who was convicted of numerous animal abuse charges, as well as two counts of murder for hire involving a competitor in the world of private zoos.

“I know nothing about it,” Trump first replied. When asked for more details by the President, the journalist explained what Exotic was convicted of (the whole attempted murder stuff) and Trump responded “Do you think he did do it? Are you on his side? Are you recommending a pardon?” With a smile on his face, Trump said he would “take a look” at the Joe Exotic case before moving on to other important matters like, for example, the grave state of our country in the midst of a deadly viral outbreak.

This is all good news for Netflix, who will only get more attention on their already popular show as a result of the exchange. And it could be good news fo Joe Exotic, since President Trump has pardoned numerous people during his three years in office. If nothing else, it would make for some great fodder for the supposed Tiger King sequel series that Investigation Discovery has in the works.

You can watch the entire exchange at the briefing here:

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