Kevin Costner's massive film series Horizon is beginning to take shape. Filming is underway, and fans of Yellowstone will recognize at least one of the main actors.

Will Patton, who played Garrett Randall during Season 4 of Yellowstone, has just been announced for an unspecified role. Costner's John Dutton and Patton's Randall battled throughout the most recent season of the Paramount Network show. One season prior, fans learned that Dutton's son Jamie was adopted, and Randall — an ex convict — was his birth father.

There are no spoilers to be found here, but astute fans of the show have noticed Patton taking several more roles post-Yellowstone. He played a part on Outer Range on Amazon Prime this summer, and Deadline points out he was just in the film Halloween Ends. The entertainment business trade broke the news of Patton's reunion with Costner, noting that they also shared a screen in movies like No Way Out and the Postman.

When it was announced, Horizon was revealed as a "sweeping film that covers a 15-year period of time, both before and after the Civil War, during which settlers were undertaking the expansion and settlement of the American West." Costner has since shared that it will be released as four, two-and-a-half-plus-hour movies (one every three months), and then as a more traditional television series.

Filming is expected to take at least 200 days, and it has already begun. In June, he said there are 170 speaking roles. Deadline lists Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Luke Wilson and Thomas Haden Church as four others. Costner will direct and star in the film series.

The fifth season of Yellowstone was scheduled to wrap in August, meaning Costner would need to jump from one show to the next. The new season premieres on Nov. 13 on the Paramount Network.

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Season 5 of Yellowstone begins with a 2-hour premiere on Nov. 13 on the Paramount Network.

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