Members of Blondie, the Replacements and MC5 are featured on a upcoming live tribute release focusing on L.A.M.F., the only studio album issued by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. Culled from shows held last November, L.A.M.F.: Live at the Bowery Electric will be available in DVD, color vinyl and compact disc formats beginning on Dec. 8.

Clem Burke (Blondie), Tommy Stinson (Replacements) and MC5's Wayne Kramer were joined on stage by Walter Lure, the lone survivor of the L.A.M.F.-era Heartbreakers. Other guests included Jesse Malin of D-Generation, Liza Colby, and Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys. Burke, Stinson, Kramer, Lure and Malin are also featured in bonus interviews on the DVD.

The L.A.M.F. shows were organized by Malin, who is one of Bowery Electric owners. “This is just such a classic rock ‘n’ roll record that needs to be given more attention, and Walter Lure is still a vital performer with the power to deliver these songs in their true degenerated glory," Malin told the Observer. "I wanted to serve him up with a band that has lived this music and could certainly bring it."

L.A.M.F., which stood for "Like a Mother F---er," arrived in October 1977 following Thunders' aborted Anarchy Tour with the Sex Pistols. Billy Rath and Jerry Nolan rounded out the Heartbreakers; both Thunders and Nolan had earlier been in the New York Dolls.

Lure also returns to the road later this month with a L.A.M.F.-focused show that includes Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols, Mike Ness of Social Distortion and Burke. They'll play a string of shows in Los Angeles, San Diego and New York. Live at the Bowery Electric follows a recently expanded 40th anniversary edition of L.A.M.F.

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