If there's one thing Larry David is known for, it's cutting through the bullshit. The biting and witty Curb Your Enthusiasm star definitely didn't mince words when reviewing the current Broadway musical Hamilton or the type of people going to see it. The Senfield co-creator kept it 100 when talking about the musical for the New York Daily News podcast on Tuesday (May 17).

"Yeah, Hamilton—it was pretty amazing," started David. "But I have a feeling there are a lot of white people who are saying they are completely blown away even though they didn't really understand half of the things the people on stage were saying."

LD broke it down even further in what proved to be one of the best soundbites from the interview. "They just want to solidify their liberal bona fides and how cool they are: 'Yeah, I love Hamilton. Yeah, I get it, I'm hip,'"

For those who've missed the hype machine on the show so far, Hamilton tells the story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton through his fight in the American Revolution with a hip-hop inspired soundtrack. The show is the brainchild of actor, composer and rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also stars in the leading role.

Since making its Broadway debut back in July of 2015, the musical has grossed more than $70 million. Ticket sales spiked in February thanks to a cast performance at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards and Lin-Manuel Miranda and his cast taking home a golden gramophone for Best Musical Theater Album. The show has racked up an impressive 16 Tony nominations and also won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. In other words, everybody loves it.

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