Once upon a time, being publicly compared to a sitting U.S. president was something most people would take as a compliment. These days, for many, it's a comparison reserved for the most withering of insults — as evidenced by the way Liam Gallagher recently argued that his brother and fellow Oasis co-founder Noel is an inveterate liar on par with the White House's current occupant.

Gallagher's latest broadside against his brother was delivered on the red carpet at the VO5 NME Awards 2018, where he was asked to reveal the name of his biggest villain. Somewhat predictably given the long-running turbulence in his relationship with Noel — and his long-established propensity for saying whatever he wants — Liam didn't have to look far.

"Gotta be Noel. I’m being serious. You’re laughing, but he’s worse than Kim-Jun fucking Tung or whatever he’s called," Gallagher insisted. "And he’s worse than Donald Trump. He’s the biggest liar and biggest faker in the business, so yeah, him. ... He’s worse than Piers Morgan as well."

The question might seem like a softball designed to encourage another round of brother-bashing, but it was actually somewhat pertinent to the event — as NME reports, the awards actually do include a backhanded honor for Villain of the Year, which Morgan really did "win."

Liam, meanwhile, was on hand to collect the year's Godlike Genius award, which was presented to him after NME editor-in-chief Mike Williams described him as "a frontman who knows the job description – look cool, belt it out, be totally Godlike."

"I want to dedicate this to my mam and my army of songwriters, past and present," quipped Gallagher while accepting the award. "The parka monkeys."

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