Sometime in the late hours of May 31 or the morning hours of June 1, nearly 100 antique glass blocks were removed from a Livingston sidewalk which was under construction in front of the Sax and Fryer bookstore, located at 109 West Callender Street.

According to an employee at the bookstore, the glass blocks were encased in frames which were temporarily removed from the sidewalks while construction was being done.

Livingston Chief of Police Dale Johnson estimates the value of each of the 130 year-old glass blocks to be $50.

One would think that a crime of this nature would take quite a bit of intensive labor and would also transmit loud noises throughout the downtown area.

In response Johnson says “from what I understand, many of the glass pieces were still encased in the concrete.” He goes on to say “if it was the entire block of concrete then it would be minimal tools, but if they broke them out individually it would require some type impact instrument I would imagine, like a hammer or rock or something similar.”

City of Livingston

There were no surveillance cameras in the area that picked anything up anything and no one has come forward with any potential leads in the case.

If anyone has any information they are being encouraged to call Livingston Police at 406- 222-2050.