A few years back, Eddie Braun - a stuntman and stunt coordinator for films and television, whose work includes credits on the Rush Hour films and Walker, Texas Ranger - made headlines by finishing a stunt that even the most legendary stuntman of all time couldn't finish. In 2016, Braun jumped the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, something his hero, Montana native Evel Knievel, had tried to accomplish in 1974 but wasn't able to.

Now Braun - an honorary citizen of Butte, Evel Knievel's hometown - is the subject of a new documentary on Disney+. It's called Stuntman and the film goes into detail about Braun's whole life, but centers itself around the completion of the Snake River Canyon jump, over 40 years after Knievel had originally attempted it.

As you might imagine, Braun considers "fulfilling the dreams of your heroes" to be an indescribable feeling. Although considering the dream, I'd guess that "jaw-dropping panic" might be in there somewhere.

Braun's been doing stunts in some form or another since 1980 (according to his IMDB page), so he's at an age now where he's considering some sort of retirement. It's all there in the documentary, which you can check out on Disney+ right now.

Will you be watching Stuntman to learn more about the man who finally finished the stunt that was started by Montana's own Evel Knievel?

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