It's pretty amazing what people can accomplish when they set their minds to it.

A German man named Michael Sturm has gone down in history for carrying the most beer steins over 40 meters, which is about 130 feet. He lugged 26 of them (each one liter), which should really make you appreciate that Chili's waitress who hauls your tray full of sizzling fajitas from the kitchen with one hand while dodging that seven-year-old who's running to the bathroom to go pee pee.

Sturm, who broke the old record by one stein, recently set the mark during an Oktoberfest event in Brazil. He initially tried to carry 28 steins, but when he failed, he set his sites a little lower because Germans will not be denied when it comes to beer.

And how intense is this guy? He actually dedicated his victory, in part, to his coach. Yeah, he's got a coach. For carrying beer. They don't have that at Chili's. Maybe he ought to consider carrying one of these immense cases into your house or latching on as a personal waiter for this beer-guzzling lady.

You know how sometimes you try to carry all your dirty clothes in one armful from your hamper to the washer without dropping it because you can't find the laundry basket? Well, this is much more impressive.

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