While Rolling Stones fans wait to find out what's happening with the band's next album, singer Mick Jagger is busying himself with other projects — including studio time with British rapper Skepta.

Not yet a household name in the States, Skepta has been at the forefront of London's grime scene for years, and won the prestigious Mercury Prize in 2016 for his fourth album, Konnichiwa. Although that album topped out at No. 160 on the U.S. chart, he's increasing his profile on this side of the Atlantic, most recently through the release of his single "Hypocrisy."

Without going into detail about whatever the duo might be up to, Skepta shared a photo of himself in the studio with Jagger, depicting what appears to be the two in the midst of a conversation with an unseen third party. The picture was taken by Midnight Studios founder Shane Gonzales, who Metro quotes as describing the session as "one of the most inspiring days of my life."

@skeptagram and @mickjagger in the studio. Photo by @shaneaveli

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If Skepta and Jagger are collaborating, it's for a project that's taken root very recently. Speaking with NME in May, the MC said that instead of focusing on his next album, he was "working on how I’m gonna do good for what’s happening on Earth at the moment," adding, "At every stage of my life, I’ve always wanted to do good for Earth." As far as millions of fans are concerned, getting Jagger in front of a microphone definitely fits that description.

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