If you were intrigued by the recent news that Mick Jagger had joined a new band with singers Joss Stone and Damian Marley, guitarist/producer Dave Stewart and composer A.R. Rahman, here’s some good news: You won’t have to wait much longer to hear what they sound like together.

The group, christened SuperHeavy, is planning a September release for their debut album. No specific date has been set, and they haven’t announced a title, but they have plenty of material to choose from; during their first week together, they wrote more than 20 songs, and they’re filming a video for the lead-off single, titled ‘Miracle Worker.’

Whatever SuperHeavy ends up sounding like, fans can expect some decidedly un-Stonesy stuff on the disc; in fact, on one track, Jagger sings in Urdu. As he told Rolling Stone, “It is a different kind of record that what people would expect. It’s not all weird and strange though. I think Stones fans will think it’s a bit odd, but they’ll find most of it accessible.”

Check Out a Brief Video Introduction to SuperHeavy

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