At the request of Missoula Police Department, the Montana Department of Justice has issued a Missing Endangered Persons Advisory for Ronald Melvin Sarin. Ronald is a 79 year old white male, 5 foot 8, 140 pounds, blue eyes, bald.

  • He was last seen on February 9th at 0800 hours. Ronald is suicidal, has a heart condition and is missing his right eye.
  • He may be driving a gray 1990 Subaru Legacy station wagon, Montana license plate 419724B.
  • If you have any information please contact Missoula Police Department at 406 552-6300.
Color Gray
Year: 1990
Style: Station Wagon
Licence Plate: MT #419724B
Description: 2 bumper stickers - 'Obama' and 'Arms are for Hugging
Ronald Sarin missing person
Ronald Sarin missing person

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