Beware Mitt Romney! The last time a politician cited his love for a band – a guy you might know named Paul Ryan talking about Rage Against the Machine – things got a little testy. Ryan, of course, is Romney’s running mate hoping their ticket ends up in the White House. Still, even with the troubled last attempt to talk music by Ryan, Mitt and his wife Ann took a few moments to reveal their music tastes in a new interview with Parade magazine.


Mitt chose the Beach Boys as one of his favorites, though acknowledging, “I know it’s not the same group it used to be.” He also revealed ties to the Eagles as one of his friends is former lead guitarist Don Felder. Felder is one of the artists scheduled to perform at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

The presidential candidate also threw out acts like Aerosmith, the Killers, Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, and Toby Keith among his favorites, seeming covering just about every genre. But realizing he missed a few, Romney added that his preference is to listen to “jazz, pop, rock and classical music.”

Romney says he would love to reach out to all of the acts mentioned, but added, “These are not all Republicans, by the way. Some may turn us down,” to which his wife responded, “No, they would die to be mentioned.”

In the article, Romney actually did praise his opponent, current President Barack Obama, reflecting his continued welcoming of various artists to the White House. He added that should he enter the Oval Office, he would like to continue that legacy, explaining, “[I want it] to be open and have people feel welcome there. I don’t just mean touring [the White House], but also come to the East Room and see a performance of some kind.”


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