We love learning about Montana businesses and spreading the word. This week we heard about Hygge Coffee Company out of Missoula, Montana.

It's pronounced "Hue-Guh."

Check the Hygge Coffee Co. official website or Hygge Facebook page...

These guys are very straight forward about their business:

We wholeheartedly believe in ethically sourced coffee. Saying that, we have made the decision to offer coffees that are Fair Trade Certified, Organic and sometimes neither.

The cost to certify coffee farms as Organic is a pricey one, and we don't want miss out on great coffees if they are not exclusively organic.

All of our coffees are graded as specialty (80 and above on the SCAA scale).

Our decaffeinated coffee offerings will always be Organic, and also always be decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process.

It looks like their roasts are available in the Missoula area so next time you're in the area, look for Hygge Coffe Co. coffee and let us know how it is!