Another Montana student has been charged with bringing a handgun to school. This time the student claims it was only for protection.

On Monday, Custer County High School student, Clint Leroy Parsons, brought a loaded .22-caliber gun to school. Initially the 18 year old denied he had the gun but later admitted to bringing it as protection in the event of a school shooting.

A preliminary hearing for the case will be held in district court on February 21, 2013 and Parsons has been suspended from school according to Miles City Unified School District Superintendent Keith Campbell.

Some Montana legislatures are hoping to allow guns in school for protective reasons. Montana Republican of House District 60 David Howard is one of them.

There have also been accounts of school shooting coming to an end due to a staff member retrieving his own firearm to fend off the attacker.

So was this student acting out of fear and safety as he says? And will we ever be able to identify the difference before the wake of a terrible tragedy?





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