It's a day of youth activism, sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids this Wednesday. On Kick Butts Day, kids encourage their peers to stay tobacco-free, demand that tobacco companies stop marketing deadly, addictive products to them and encourage elected officials to do more to reduce youth tobacco use.

In Montana, tobacco use claims 1,600 lives and costs $440 million in health care bills each year. Currently, a disturbing 15.2 percent of Montana’s high school students smoke.

There are events held around the entire state of Montana but here's what's happening locally:

Healthy Gallatin and students from the Monforton Middle School Leadership Class/reACT will celebrate the conclusion of a month-long online scavenger hunt aimed at youth throughout Gallatin County. The scavenger hunt features point-of-sale tobacco marketing uploaded to Instagram for the chance to win an iTunes gift card. Time: 12 PM. Location: 215 W. Mendenhall Street, Bozeman. Contact: Jennifer MacFarlane (406) 582-3189.

Kick Butts Day
Kick Butts Day

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