Every time you buy a lottery ticket, you immediately go to that place in your mind that has you daydreaming about how you are going to spend all that money. Are you going to pay off your house and buy a new truck? Are you going to go "full Elvis," and buy every one of your family members a pink Cadillac? How about the thought of quitting your job in the most obnoxious way ever? Regardless of what your dream may be, that dream soon fades when you come up unsuccessful on the drawing. But, you still find yourself lining up for another chance at making that dream a reality in the next drawing.

A lot of the same can be said for Montana outdoorsmen and women. Every year we rush to get our applications in for the annual big game drawings. Whether it be that once in a lifetime sheep hunt you always dreamed of. Or landing that permit to hunt some of the biggest bull elk in the state. Once those applications are submitted, we immediately start dreaming of how the hunt is going to play out. But, not all who apply are successful.

In the first of many special permit drawings for 2021, the deer and elk special permit drawing has been completed. If you are one of the thousands of people who applied for a special deer or elk permit. Your day has arrived. It is time to do what ever ritual you might do, that will bring you the most luck. Bust out that lucky rabbits foot and cross your fingers. Then login to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website to see if you have the luck of the draw.

Successful Montana Elk Hunts



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