A vice is defined as "an alcoholic drink, fattening food, dessert, or borderline controversial preference." According to the social check-in site Foursquare, data was analyzed to determine which VICE was the most popular in Montana! 

Indeed, our nation has enough VICES, so much so that it has tailored and customized on a state-by-state breakdown.

Here are few examples across America:

  • In-N-Out Burger - 3,525% in California.
  • Gambling - 1,395% in Nevada.
  • Moonshine - 662% in Tennessee.
  • Marijuana - 1,125% in Colorado.
  • Coffee - 656% in Washington.

And now, onto the vices in Montana state:


  • Good Food Store
  • The Depot
  • Iron Horse Brewpub
  • Finn and Porter
  • MacKenzie River Pizza


  • Garage Soup Shack & Mesquite Grill


  • Mackenzie River Pizza

The list, while accurate, does seem a little lacking? There appears to be no data for even the largest city in Montana (Billings, where are you?). Still, accurate nonetheless.

What are your Montana-esque vices? Is there some indulgent service in Montana that you simply cannot do without?

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