We often give tours of our studios to guests such as clients, listeners and school kids. It dawned on me this morning that most of these folks, young or old, must think this place is a circus of craziness.

MOOSE Studio
Photo by Michelle Wolfe

There is writing on the walls. There is my "morning beauty salon" in the corner. There is Rich's guitar. There are gold records on the floor. There are stickers all over the door. There is my fuzzy Moose driver cover by the console.  And there are CDs EVERYWHERE.

I suppose it's what you'd expect at a radio station.

What I have finally decided this morning as I was about to pick things up for some visitors today, is that we LIKE it this way. We're surrounded by things that define who we are and what we do.

We often spend more time in this studio than we do with our friends and families. THIS PLACE is our daytime home, hangout, workspace and man cave (for lack of a better term).

I shall NOT be picking up and hiding anything in the ginormous filing cabinet before our visitors arrive. Why? Because this studio will probably be the coolest, most well-loved room they enter today. -Michelle

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