Morrissey has cried out in online anguish over the licensing of a Buzzcocks track for a new U.K. McDonald's ad campaign.

"Please, somebody, tell me it's just a bad dream," reads a statement published by the True to You fansite. "Pete Shelley has allowed McDonald's to use Buzzcocks' 'What Do I Get?' to TV advertise McDonald's new Big Flavour (the flavour being sawdust) Chicken Wraps?! In the words of another Buzzcocks song: oh s---..."

In the commercial, which can be viewed here, a McDonald's customer pulls up to the drive-through to the strains of "What Do I Get?," where he gets an eyeful of an attractive employee giving him a come-hither look while lovingly crafting his chicken wrap. Although the group hasn't commented on Morrissey's post, his point of view hardly comes as a surprise — the outspoken Smiths co-founder has spent years arguing against meat consumption.

"We already know that raising animals for food is a leading cause of climate change and that moving toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat climate change's worst effects," Morrissey wrote in a letter to Rolling Stone last year. "Animal agriculture severely affects the world's freshwater supply and is a major contributor to global greenhouse-gas emissions, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and air and water pollution, among many other harmful effects."

Morrissey has also been in the news recently as a vocal opponent of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — particularly after Trump weighed in on the June 12 mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, in which dozens of people were killed by a heavily armed gunman.

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