It's the secret dream of everyone who ever picked up a guitar and poured his or her heart into music: to one day appear on a baseball card. (Don't worry about figuring out if that's true or not -- just leave it for the statisticians.)

Topps -- the world's leading producer of sports cards -- recently announced that rockers including Jack White, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello would be featured as part of a 15-card set commemorating famous ceremonial first pitches. While much of the checklist is focused on everyone from aging actors (Jeff Bridges) to typically unimpressed Olympic gymnasts (McKayla Maroney), we thought we would recommend a few more musicians (and die-hard baseball fans) who would probably be legitimately thrilled to show up on a baseball card.

While they haven't all thrown first pitches, it's a foregone conclusion they would all do a better job than 50 Cent did. (He's in the set, too.) Check out our recommendations in the photo gallery above.

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