I've had an enormous amount of work done to my house, but I've yet to address it's ugliest feature: the lights inside the house. All of them. They're all ridiculously, terribly dated and ugly.

Be prepared to feel better about any ugly light fixtures you might have in your house, owned or rented. These are FANTASTICALLY bad.

This winter, I hope to save up and tackle some of these babies into something more modern, efficient and better looking. (That shouldn't be too hard. Seriously, I'm quite sure I'm the owner of the WORST light fixtures in town.)

None of them match. They're original from 1983. They were not chosen with any thought to efficiency. You just have to shake your head.

And yes, there are a couple of rooms that still have that gross popcorn ceiling stuff. I had enough in the budget to have most of it removed, but there's still some to go!

KEEP IN MIND: The fixtures that look "dirty" on the bottom? They're tinted that way. Someone actually made them dirty looking on purpose. Gross. AND - the horrible chandelier had mason jars over the bulbs. I couldn't take it, so I removed them. Still uglier than any chandelier I've ever seen.

And yes, I'll get to what's left of the popcorn ceiling areas soon! Yuck.

Ugliest Light Fixtures

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