Shopping "small." Buying local. Keeping your dollars inside your community for as long as possible. Supporting our neighbors, both business owners AND workers. YOU (almost) ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. 

  • You busted your ass to earn your money. Gallatin County is the most expensive county in Montana. Be smart about how your spend those bucks.
  • Money is often tight. We've got many things we MUST pay for and then there's what's left. Let's not be lazy with our money or our locally economy. It requires thought and occasional planning.
  • Rent or mortgage, power, trash, water, cable/internet, phone, gas....your choice of how your dollars are spent may be limited.
  • Now, think of the power of your money being spent LOCALLY on all of the following:

Groceries - We do have some fine locally owned options for grocery stores. You may end up spending a bit more for certain items but allocating a few minutes each week to shopping the sales and using coupons can almost negate the "cost" of shopping locally owned.

Downtown Bozeman - Shopping, dining, entertainment. It's pretty easy to keep your dollars local when you spend them downtown. Consider giving Downtown Dollars as gifts so you know THOSE dollars get spent locally too. Downtown Dollars can be purchased with cash or check and are sold in $5, $10, and $20 denominations. Downtown Dollars are intended to be used exactly as you would cash ANYWHERE downtown!

Bozeman Chamber of Commerce - Not all businesses listed are locally owned but it's a great resource to check before shopping.

Montana Made Products - This is a great site to check before buying for the holidays, events or birthdays. Many online purchasing options and you're OBVIOUSLY spending your dollars on a Montana business!

Keeping dollars local
Keeping dollars local

BTW, if you're an American Express card holder -  you'll earn double points at their participating local retailers through the end of the year.  (You need to register your card which takes two seconds.) No, this isn't an advertisement for AmEx but it's a nice bonus if you are.

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