The world of movie-TV reboots accommodates a great many approaches these days, not the least curious of which will see Liam Neeson’s Taken character Bryan Mills returned to his formative years, yet still in the modern day. We now know which actor will develop his particular set of skills as well, setting Vikings star Clive Standen as our new Taken man.

Per THR, Standen will head the new Taken series as a young, unmarried Bryan Mills developing the abilities that featured into the original 2008 movie, and its two subsequent sequels. At this point in his life (which, again, curiously takes place in modern day), Bryan is recruited to be a black ops agent for the elite “Emergency Covert Action Team.”

Homeland alum Alexander Cary will write the pilot script and executive produce the new drama, behind original film director Luc Besson, as well as Matthew Gross, Edouard de Vesinne and Thomas Anargyros. Game of Thrones and Homeland director Alex Graves will helm the pilot episode.

It certainly throws Vikings star Standen’s longstanding role as Rollo (boy, say that three times fast) into question after Season 4, but is Taken’s new Bryan Mills fitting choice to find you, and kill you?

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