Looks like this might be the new spot to go downtown for a great date night and get a fantastic meal.

Hooked Sushi will be taking over the old Montana Fish Company location and provide a new sushi atmosphere and will probably be a big hit downtown. Hooked Sushi's motto is "A New Frontier of Flavor" and that should get you really excited because Hooked Sushi's website says they are going to open up February 2021.

Welcome to Hooked Sushi! Offering a new frontier of flavor.

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Posted by Hooked Sushi on Thursday, January 28, 2021

Credit: Hooked Sushi via Facebook

Hooked Sushi will be a welcome addition to downtown Bozeman. Even though Montana Fish Company was a very popular spot for sushi, the hunger for more sushi restaurants is definitely needed. Sushi is probably one of the most popular foods in Bozeman and you can see by plaices like Seven and Dave's Sushi being constantly packed or people consistently getting take out or delivery.

The cool thing about Hooked Sushi too is that this wont' just be a dinner spot, they will be open for lunch as well every single day when they finally open which should be very soon. Hopefully if they can open before Valentine's Day they could crush their opening weekend. That would be a pretty good idea.

Hooked Sushi will be a welcome addition to downtown Bozeman and will probably be a big hit with the dinner crowd and maybe the new spot to check out during lunch.

For more details, check out Hooked Sushi.

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