Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at long last dropped their sophomore album, Chasing Yesterday, today (March 3). In conjunction with the record's release, the singer-guitarist discussed his latest effort, the false pretense of stage theatrics and fashion and his relationship with his brother and ex-Oasis bandmate Liam Gallagher.

During an interview with Vogue, the conversation naturally turned to fashion – something Gallagher’s brother, Liam, has dabbled in, including creating a fashion line. But the High Flying Birds frontman says his interest doesn’t go as deep as that.

“The thing that differs between me and my f---ing … uh, brother is that he was always obsessed with looking good, and I’m continually obsessed with being good,” Gallagher said. “As long as the music’s good, nobody cares about what you f---ing wear.”

“If your songs are okay, then your songs will seem better if you look good -- like those f---wits from Maroon 5,” he added. “The tattoos take your mind off the fact that they’re s--- … but with Oasis, it was ‘God those f---in’ songs are great.’ It’s all about the music.”

In the same vein, Gallagher said stage theatrics and performance were “beneath” him.

“That guy from Maroon 5 – he needs stage craft,” he said. “For this American tour, I’m actually going to unveil my next trick, which I’m going to call Stillism … I’m going to now promote Stillism around the stages of North America by standing as still as possible.”

In addition to their views on fashion, Gallagher went on to explain that he and his brother are different in every other aspect.

“It’s two sides of the same coin, really -- it’s what made Oasis what it was: It was my industry and songs, and his chaos and pyrotechnics,” Gallagher explained. “And you couldn’t have one without the other: Liam without me clearly crashed and failed. Me without Liam is never going to sell out stadiums around the world, but I can live with that.”

Another opinion Noel and Liam Gallagher don't share: Kanye West. Though his brother recently took to Twitter during the Brit Awards to write, “Kanye West. Utter s---,” Gallagher doesn’t agree.

“I like [Kanye West] because I think he’s very, very entertaining,” he said. “I like his interviews -- they’re nearly as good as mine -- and I liked the look of [his Brits performance]... I do like him because I think he’s slightly otherworldly, but I wouldn’t say I’m a super fan of his music.”

However, he did say he respects Liam’s authenticity.

“He always remains true to himself at all times,” the singer said. “I admire people who just truly don’t give a f---. He has that freedom, and that’s a good thing, I think… Liam’s a wrecking ball, and we all wish we were like that sometimes. Only for a day though -- you can’t live your life like that.”

When speaking of Chasing Yesterday, Gallagher put it in the context of his overall career by offering an analogy using movies and TV shows. He said that while his work with Oasis was a cross between The Wolf of Wall Street and Saving Private Ryan, his first solo album was Titanic and Chasing Yesterday is Breaking Bad – a comparison that, of course, required some explaining.

“Oasis was an all-action big-budget thriller,” Gallagher explained. “Planes crashing on beaches… and this is a bit more serene and majestic and a bit more interesting. A film is one story, but a TV series can go on for months and get inside your brain with different twists and turns, which is how I see it at the minute.”

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