I just love how a particular song or group can bring you right back to the place you first heard it (or them). Do you remember your first year of college? A lot of people don't, but I do. I remember it very well thanks to music.

Freshman year of college, that golden year when you first spread your wings...and fly to all the wrong places. It's how we learn right? Such a memorable time for most of us. For me, the year was 1996 and I can mentally time travel right back to it with the aid of music.

Fugees - Ready or Not

Music helps me remember events in my past more vividly than anything else. It's amazing. The right song playing at the right time will forever spark future memories. You will be brought back to that precise moment years later (trust me kids). For example, there were two albums that me and my close-knit group of freshman flunkies wore out in 1996. The Fugees' The Score an d Rage Against the Machine's Evil Empire.

Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade

I listened to those two albums so much that, to this day, if I hear anything off either one I'm transported right back to 1996. I go back to playing video games in that dirty little box others refer to as a dorm room. Or I'm up on "The Hill" (shout out to Central Connecticut St. Univeristy) hacky sackin with the hippies or playing basketball with the jocks (that's all I could come up with for the edited version). If Rage or The Fugees was playing at Central CT in '96, there's a good chance I was there and up to no good (as we do freshman year...spreading the wings and all that). The point is, it was an epic time. A time I remember so clearly thanks to music. I love music for that! (and my wife wants to know why sometimes I don't hear her...you can't just turn down the music honey, you gotta turn it off).