Be prepared. The expensive 'studies' and surveys are coming to Bozeman's busy intersection of Kagy Boulevard and Sourdough. There may be a traffic light coming. I'm not in favor of this one little bit.

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NOTE: Even if you don't agree with me, I'm perfectly comfortable speaking to this particular intersection as I've lived very near it (on THREE separate occasions) for over 20 years. As part of where I was living at the time, I've had to approach this intersection on a DAILY basis from three separate directions. Meaning, I have lived to the south of it, to the north of it and to the east of it. I KNOW this intersection intimately.

No, I certainly don't love this intersection. Improvements can and should be made. However: A TRAFFIC SIGNAL IS A TERRIBLE, DANGEROUS IDEA. 

Sorry. I know the people on Sourdough/Church sometimes have a tough time turning left. Too bad. Stop doing it. Turn right instead and go around. Seriously. Kagy is too steep a street to require cars and trucks to stop in inclement weather.

If you've lived in Bozeman for longer than a hot minute you've certainly experienced the terror of driving east (up the hill) on Kagy on an icy day...when the cars in front of you start to slow down as someone has lost traction. Suddenly, we're all trying to veer off to a side because one or more of us is going to start moving backwards. It happens all the time and anyone who uses that intersection often, knows it.

According to the Montana Department of Transportation: Construction is tentatively planned for 2023 depending on completion of design and availability of funds.

New right-of-way and relocation of utilities will be required.

MDT staff will contact all affected landowners prior to doing survey work on their land.

Staff will again contact landowners prior to construction regarding property acquisition and temporary construction permits.

Sure, there's a commenting period but this sounds like a nearly done deal already. 

The Montana Department of Transportation welcomes the public to provide ideas and comments on the proposed project.

Comments may be submitted online at or in writing to Montana Department of Transportation, Butte office at PO Box 3068, Butte, MT  59702-3068.

Please note that comments are for project UPN 9644000.

Can there be better visibility? Better curbs? Perhaps. I'm not an engineer but as I stated above, I've lived near that intersection way more than most. Having lived on Sourdough AND South Church on separate occasions, I still think those folks just need to suck it up....and I'M ONE OF THOSE FOLKS.

Sorry, the intersection kind of sucks. Go the other way or hang a right whenever you can, not a left. Left turns are a bad idea just about anywhere. But don't stop traffic going up or down "the hill that is Kagy". We're going to have collisions all winter if we do.

Several years back, we did a time-lapse of several annoying intersections around the Bozeman area. At about 1:22 or so, you'll see Kagy and Sourdough.

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