Technology is something else.

In a matter of seconds, we can find information on almost anything we would ever want or care to know.  In that same amount of time, we can use that same technology to voice our opinions on subjects in which we may or may not be experts.

In other words, welcome to the internet.

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News broke this week that Montana State University running back Isiah Ifanse is leaving MSU and entering his name into the transfer portal. Of course, for most Bobcat fans this is a shocker, especially when you consider that Infanse hasn't been just a great running back, but is the all-time rush leader in MSU history.

So how did folks take the news?

It was bittersweet for many Bobcat fans as several wished him the best of luck. However, as you can imagine a whole lot of people weren't happy. In fact, many of them decided to take to social media and vent their frustrations, anger, and in a few instances downright disgust.

Comments like "good riddance", "Don't let the door hit you in the butt", and "we'll be better off without him" were some of the milder opinions, it is still disappointing to see and read.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the sadness of losing a huge part of the heart of the team. But, as Bobcat fans, shouldn't we be grateful to Mr. Isiah and all of his hard work and dedication?  Shouldn't we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors?

I've had the pleasure of spending time with Mr. Ifanse, and in my experience, he is a solid human being who is not only very likable but talented both on and off the field. While I will certainly miss watching him play for the Bobcats, I am also thankful for all of the memories he has given us.

To his credit, Isiah Ifanse released a statement on his departure and was very warm to not only the university but the community of Bozeman as well.

While we have come to expect this negative type of behavior from "fans", I would remind folks that these are still young men and women that are giving it their all.  In practice, in the weight room, during team meetings, in the classroom, in the study hall, and on game day.

While it's never easy to say goodbye to an all-time great, let's remember all of the memories we have with them while they played. Go, Cats go.

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Temperatures close to 100 degrees, didn't stop our Bobcats OR their dedicated fans. Bobcat Football brings out fans of all ages to cheer and be a part of a dream for many youth. Future Bobcats right here? I hope so, they already have amazing spirit!

The Bobcats took the win with ease, staying one step ahead of the McNeese Cowboys, the team looked fresh, ready, and the end score proved they were ready to come out on top of the season opener.

With a final score of 40-17, the Bobcats put the southern boys back on a plane with their first loss of the season, and the first win for our Bobcats.

Week two is just around the corner with a home game on September 10th, which also brings the Military Appreciation game. Just one way we love to show our Military Personnel an extra THANK YOU.

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