Will DaSilva started taking his pet pug otis skydiving when he was a mere puppy. Now, at ten years old, Otis has been on 64 jumps.

Sure, Otis looks adorable in his little doggie goggles with his little doggie cheeks flapping in the wind, but is it safe for dogs to skydive? And does Otis really enjoy hurtling through the air?

DaSilva says it’s perfectly safe, telling the Sacramento Bee, ”He’s going to die of a food overdose, not from skydiving.” And that if he didn’t enjoy his jumps, he’d “resist going into the harness.”

In a video shot for the Bee, Otis does look quite placid on his tandem jump with DaSilva, who compares the sensation to his pet “sticking his head out the car window.”

Watch the clip, then tell us: Is it irresponsible for Otis’ owner to take him skydiving?

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