Who better to tell the story of Kiss‘ early years than the two members who have been with the band for its entire run?

Guitarist Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons are working with journalist Ken Sharp on a forthcoming book titled ‘Nothin’ to Lose,’ which chronicles the band’s birth through the success of the double-disc concert collection ‘Alive.’

‘Nothin’ to Lose,’ which takes its title from a song on Kiss’ self-titled debut album, is scheduled to be published in summer 2012 by It Books. The oral-history-style book will contain interviews with former Kiss members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, as well other notable figures.

“Kiss is one of the most beloved and influential hard-rock bands of the last 40 years,” says Denise Oswald, an editor at It Books. “What is particularly fascinating about this project is about how the band got off the ground, how they came up with the concept of who they were that so define them and captured the love and imagination of all of their fans.”

In other Kiss-related book news, Criss will release his memoir next summer. Meanwhile, Frehley’s ‘No Regrets’ is due in November.

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