Pearl Jam's 'Lightning Bolt' album is set to arrive on Oct. 15, but it was a lengthy journey getting to the completion of the band's latest disc. To give fans a little insight into the creation of the effort, Pearl Jam have posted a nine-minute short film shot by directing pal Danny Clinch.

For the piece, the band enlisted a number of well-known friends to interview them about the album. They include film director Judd Apatow, musician and 'Portlandia' star Carrie Brownstein, former NFL player living with ALS Steve Gleason and surfing legend Mark Richards.

Gleason is the first to cut through to the heart of the matter, eliciting laughs from the band when he suggests that the five years is the longest they've had between albums, then asking, "What the f---?" Jeff Ament eventually answers the question, stating, "It's good to wait until we do feel like we have something to say." Eddie Vedder adds, "If you're paying attention to the planet, I can find something to be angry about pretty quick."

In the video, Vedder also delves into his songwriting process, likening it to another one of his passions -- surfing. In addition to answering questions about the new album, fans also get audio snippets of such tracks as 'Sirens,' 'Mind Your Manners' and 'Lightning Bolt,' as well as a view inside Vedder's classic Lincoln as he drives around being filmed for a piece while listening to the album.

As he states at the end, "Made it through another one, can't wait to see what's next." That's a feeling many Pearl Jam fans share. Check out the Danny Clinch-directed short film above. And if you're interested in the new Pearl Jam album, you can pre-order 'Lightning Bolt' via iTunes or the band's website.

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