Phillip Phillips fans, if you've been keeping up with the 'Gone, Gone, Gone' singer, you know that we're already on Day 4 of our rollout of exclusive, behind-the-scenes content of Phillip's 'Behind the Light' album. And today, he's musing about 'Thicket' -- and the bravery that comes with putting out a record.

"It's always terrifying when you put out some new music … you never know how people are going to react to it," he admitted in the video clip, which you can check out above. "Music's very personal. It's like a journal."

And while it can be scary to put out his material into the world, Phillip says his desire for people to hear it outweighs the scariness.

"It's terrifying -- but you gotta do it," he concludes. Good life advice!

Watch Phillip Phillips discuss 'Thicket' and putting out new music in the video above, and be sure to pick up a copy of 'Behind the Light' here. And don't forget to keep it here on PopCrush, where we'll be unveiling our final BTS video from 'Behind the Light' tomorrow!