On Saturday November 2, 2019, the Stillwater County Sheriff's Office received a report that two hunters had discovered possible human remains near West Rosebud Lake. Members of the Stillwater County Sheriffs Office, Coroner's Office, Search and Rescue, and the Forrest Service responded to the area. Montana Highway Patrol provided assistance by photographing the area with a drone.

Several items of clothing, bones, and a shotgun have been recovered from the search area. Search efforts were completed Monday. The condition of the bones and items indicate that they have likely been there for several years, at least. The area is remote and not near any established trails.

The items will be submitted to the state medical examiner's office and state crime lab to assist with identification. At this time, no indication of identity, age, or gender and no evidence of foul play has been found.

The information in this article was provided in a press release Sheriff Charles Kem from the Stillwater County Sheriff's Office.

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