In the second of three previously unreleased songs that will appear on Radiohead's expanded 20th anniversary edition OK Computer: OKNOTOKthe band has created a mysterious video for "Man of War," which you can watch above.

Radiohead has already released a video for "I Promise," another of the three songs included in the expanded reissue. "Lift" is the third of the tracks that have long been heard and bootlegged by fans, but never released by the band.

Colin Read directed the dark paranoia-causing video that begins with a man casually reading a newspaper in the park. Soon he begins walking through East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, more and more frantically as he is followed by an increasingly large group of people. Day repeatedly turns to night, as he's eventually chased to railroad tracks.

The song was written around the time the band released their second album, The Bendsin 1995. It has alternately been called “Big Boots” or “Man o’ War” by fans.

“We went in, tried to do the track, but we just couldn’t do it. It was actually a really difficult period of time,” Yorke told MTV's 120 Minutes. “We had a five-week break and all the s— was coming to the surface. It was all a bit weird – I mean we went in and tried to do this old track that we had and it just wasn’t happening at all. It was a real low point after it.”

The three tracks join remasters of the original OK Computer album and eight B-sides on OK Computer: OKNOTOK, which is due out tomorrow.

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