We've listened to these rock stars our whole lives and, with a lot of them, we feel like they're part of our inner circle (even if we've never met them). That's the thing about good rock and roll; it creates a personal connection between the listener and the music. Now, fans can take that connection even deeper and find out what these rock stars looked like in their yearbook photos.

We've all taken yearbook photos -- sometimes they turn out great, sometimes ... well, not so great. As you'll see, though, even the dorkiest yearbook photo from a rock star still has a cool edge. Michael Stipe, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl -- we've got 'em all, and we cover the biggest alt rock stars, heavy metal gods and classic rock greats, too.

So, sit back and enjoy the show. Click through the gallery above to see what some of your favorite rock stars looked like in their yearbook photos!

You Think You Know the Foo Fighters?

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