In the spirit of the holiday season, The Rockin' TJ Ranch is offering a FREE dinner to individuals and families in the community. "The Giving Meal" will be held on Sunday, Dec. 20 at 5 p.m.

The Giving Meal is is is an opportunity for people in the community to enjoy a complimentary meal out together during the holidays. Teresa Ax, owner of the Rockin' TJ, said, quote,

In the season of giving, I want to give back to those in my own community. I have a beautiful venue and a wonderful chef, Melissa Harlow. Events here are always about passing out the fun. This one will be no exception.

The dinner will be completely free of charge, but Rockin' TJ Ranch will also be accepting donations for Teen Youth Homes-Montana. Donations are not expected, but are appreciated to continue the season of giving. Visit to learn more about Youth Homes and for a list of items accepted for donations. There a are a limited amount of spots remaining. Please call 406-585-0595 to make a reservation.