A new song debuting on the Moose lately is "Give Me Something" by Scars on 45. Scars is a new English band that has been quickly making waves in the music world. They stopped by the Moose studio today on their way through Montana and I was blown away by two things.

Michelle Wolfe got to meet these guys last weekend in San Diego at some annual music industry unveiling of untapped talent to important folks in radio (which I know nothing about because I'm not one of those folks) that she goes to each year. She told me they were as nice as it gets and she wasn't kidding. They genuinely seem to love playing and talking music to anyone willing to listen. Just really nice, down to earth folks who still can't seem to figure out why so many people are starting to listen. You know, how we all envision ourseleves behaving in that reality (unfortunately with fame comes less of that).

Anywho, Scars On 45 just got one more real fan today. Not only were they a bunch of cool blokes but they are super talented. A pure, beautiful sound came out of our little studio today and when Michelle and I listened back quickly after they took off, it sounded even better. It blew me away, it sounded produced. Crazy!

Scars On 45's new groupie over here invites you to check out their website, www.scarson45.com . Amazon has selected "Give Me Something" (which you can hear on the Moose) as their song of the day. You can download the song for free (today only). Click here:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004HV64W6/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

Unfortunately the band is not playing Bozeman tonight (the Moose was a special stop). They are playing a gig in Kalispell tomorrow night.

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