It's the last day of school today for many, the official start of summer for the aforementioned many. Is tomorrow then the day that we turn that page? How long have we've been asking that? I know, I know. But school's out forever! It's crunch time now. Mother Nature, for the kid's sake, PLEASE!


54 degrees     Rain Showers


100 % Chance of ShowersI am sick of seeing this forecast. We're in June, for a higher power's sake. Not to be Mr. Pessimistic but there's not really that much time left before consistent snow hits the Gallatin Valley again, and not many summer's left in my lifetime (on the grand scale of pessimism). Last weekend was nice, I'll have more of that. Did I mention please? Any chance that higher power likes the unique mix of rock the Moose provides and reads our posts? That's just silly, he/she reads minds. Put the positive vibes, or rays of light, out there good people of Southwest Montana!

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