A very gutsy robber broke into a Helena home and stole a sheriff's badge and .40-caliber pistol. The robber knew exactly what he was after as there was a patrol car parked outside the house when he robbed the home. If you are questionable about any civilian clothed person wearing a badge, ask for identification and travel to a public location if being pulled over.

HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Lewis and Clark County officials say a sheriff's .40-caliber duty pistol and badge have been stolen from a Helena home.

Police Chief Troy McGee called the theft "brazen," because a patrol car was parked outside the residence. McGee tells the Independent Record reports someone broke into the house between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. Saturday, possibly through an unlocked door, and took the gun, badge and a laptop computer.

Sheriff Leo Dutton asks residents if they see someone suspicious with a badge to call 911 and ask if there is an officer at that location. He says even undercover officers carry photo identification. He adds that if someone suspicious tries to pull you over, drive to a public place and call 911. He says any sheriff's vehicle, including unmarked cars, will have red and blue
flashing lights.
Information from: Independent Record, http://www.helenair.com

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