There are few 'SNL' sketches as reliably funny as fake screen tests, which give the cast the opportunity to show off their best and craziest celebrity impersonations. It felt especially important in the most recent Miley Cyrus-hosted episode of the show -- with so many of the big names gone, this was a chance for the lesser known cast members to step up to the plate. And you know what? They did. Mostly.

The target of the sketch is '50 Shades of Grey,' an obvious but fully-deserving-of-all-scorn subject. Cut to resemble a series of auditions for the upcoming film version on the inexplicably popular "mommy porn" novel (and we use the word novel loosely in this case), the video gives us a chance to see some utterly bizarre movie stars take on S&M and kinky sex.

Some of the impersonations don't leave a mark, like Cyrus' Scarlett Johansson and Kenan Thompson's disappointing Steve Harvey. Others are are about as good as you'd expect, like Jay Pharoah's Tracy Morgan or Bobby Moynihan's Seth Rogen. But then there are the impressions that are so good that you want to see more of them, like Taran Killam's astonishingly on-point Christoph Waltz and Kate McKinnon's superb Jane Lynch (who also pulls off an excellent Tilda Swinton). Of course, others are less about the impersonation and more about the awkward celebrity pairing, like putting Shaquille O'Neal next to the pint-sized Kristin Chenoweth.

Even with some of big players gone, it's fun to see such a talented group of mimics do their thing ... and we especially love that they're doing their thing in the name of tarnishing '50 Shades of Grey.' We imagine that this is a target 'SNL' isn't done with quite yet.

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