If you went to some kind of comedy university, there would probably be an entire class available on the subject of how awkward white people rapping is inherently pretty funny but difficult to pull off without feeling too hacky. Whether or not 'SNL' pulled it off with last night's "Booty Rap" sketch is something we'll let you decide, but at least guest host Chris Pratt and the always reliable Aidy Bryant attack their material with gusto.

Like so many sketches where things begin normal enough before they dissolve into something wild and crazy, this one begins in a bar. Pratt and Bryant play two people who can't stop checking each other out, but are too shy to approach one another. Their friends encourage them to make a move, telling them to use what they've seen in music videos and movies to seal the deal. Naturally, this leads to each of them breaking into rap songs that express their true desires, which are sweatier, sexier and more bizarre than anything they'd actually say in real conversation.

They may not be accomplished hip hop performers, but Pratt and Bryant do everything but phone this in, tearing into their lyrics without a single ounce of shame. However, the real joke is when they stop singing and once again revert to their shy, awkward selves. Its that transition that gets more laughter and elevates this above a typical "white people rap" joke.