There's nothing better than REALLY fresh food. You've read about quick farm to market turnaround but how about PATIO to your table at the Sola Cafe?

Here's the skinny on the hyper local foods you can enjoy at the Sola Cafe:

Sola Cafe in Bozeman has always been dedicated to local foods. With the new garden patio, it's as local as you can get.

In several raised beds on the new garden patio, Sola's chefs are growing an abundance of herbs and vining veggies, even some lettuces and edible flowers. Owner, Tiffany Lach says: "We were able to use most all of the herbs, tomatoes and peppers we grew on our mini patio last summer and now we have three times as many plantings.

We look forward to weeks of harvesting throughout the season. Jeff from Langhors has been instrumental in our beautiful plantings."  For further information about the new garden patio with views of the Spanish Peaks and the Bridgers, or for information about Sola Cafe, please call or visit:

Tiffany Lach Sola Cafe 290 w. Kagy Blvd. Bozeman, MT 59715 406.922.7652