The Devil Makes Three is an incredible band, we here in Bozeman know this to be true. After last week, we all know this about the March Fourth Marching Band. A month or so back I heard a bunch of hubbub about March Fourth at the Filler, but opted to spend that night by me onesy. I woke up the next morning to excited buzz and various stokery condemning me for my choice, it is like they came back just for me to rectify my failure. Big brassy and spectacular, the Emerson vibrated fiercely all night with stilt-walking, hula-hooping, burlesque-esque shenanigans and of course, the mighty funk. Despite the presence of too many chairs no one hesitated to break it down, polish it and put it back together in time to these incredible rhythms.

"Completely filling the palace concert hall, it's warm and glowing like an oven that's wide open." -Cake

The on stage antics should be seen, and a big middle finger to anyone who ever made fun of hula hooping.

All in all, I know everyone got a smile out of it. Big ups to Grant Gilmore from Compound for making it happen.

Please to enjoy the photos. They are all a wee bit blurry because well, I am a writer not a photographer. Also the websites have professional shots. Peace.!/MarchFourthMarchingBand!/pages/The-Devil-Makes-Three/8364692300