They have saved some very dear places and spaces to the community with their excellent work. They have been working to contain this massive fire in a valley that is windy and dry. We are all grateful to them for their work and its always good to find a way to send thanks.

I heard through a friend ( Lorna) that lives in the Paradise Valley that the Firefighters ( all 400-500 of them) had been asking for sweets at base camp. Anything & everything they could get their hands on. So I baked away( with some friends Anica & Maura) and got some help delivering to the camp ( thanks to more friends- The Garnsey's) They were happy, excited, cheered- even, and the several hundred servings were gone -just-like-that. Apparently, there is a need for donations. If you bake and can add delicious value to eggs, sugar, flour and butter- if you make killer cookies, brownies, bars, sweet breads- and have the time to bust some out- Ill be happy to help get them over the hill. I think its a great thing to get the kids involved, too. They can help bake, write and draw notes of thanks to the firefighters. Send the notes along with your treats and voila- happy firefighters- happy kids- happy you.

Ill be continuing to send over items and would be happy to help with the logistics in getting them into the Firefighters hands. Sooner the better.

If you have items that need shuttling please email me at

If we all do this together we will have a big Mission accomplished.

:) L.

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