Bozeman, MT is one of the nation's fastest-growing small communities. Due to the economic boom and low cost of living compared to major tech-oriented cities, Bozeman has become an attractive alternative to Seattle, New York, and San Francisco for younger couples looking to explore the outdoors.

A historic cow and college town, Bozeman's demographics have changed substantially since the mid 1980s. Costs of living are at a statewide high and aren't expected to decrease anytime soon. Montana State University provides a significant boost to the town's economic output, offering a young workforce, popular athletic competitions, and education for an incoming professional class of Montanans and out-of-staters alike.

With just under 50,000 residents, Bozeman's future is as bright as ever. As newcomers flock to the serene landscapes of the Bridger Range and the Madison, Gallatin, and Yellowstone rivers, the city strains with growth, but welcomes both longtime Montanans and new residents with a friendly approach.

Bozeman, MT Facts

Population (Est. 2019): 49,831
Total Area: 20.40 sq. miles
Elevation: 4,820 ft

Bozeman Tourist Tips: June 2021 Edition
Visiting Bozeman this summer? Help me help you. I'm not here to beat up on tourists that are so vital to our local economy, but I AM here to make your vacation a bit more hassle free, for those of us who are already dealing with an enormous influx of new residents and a larger Montana State pop…

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